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Bruce Theriault Expands Duties at CPB

He now directs funding to local-regional journalism projects across platforms

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting has added “journalism” to executive’s Bruce Theriault’s title.

The former senior vice president of radio is now senior vice president for Journalism and Radio. CPB says the new combined position takes effect Sept. 1.

In his expanded role, Theriault will be the point person for all CPB journalism funding initiatives. CPB says the change ensures that its resources are aligned with the way Americans consume media — including viewers and listeners who rely on traditional over-the-air radio and television and those who are migrating to online and mobile devices.

Theriault most recently directed some $20 million in funding to local-regional journalism projects, including the Local Journalism Collaborations which includes 55 radio and television stations serving seven regions of the country. He will work closely with Jennifer Lawson, senior vice president of TV and Digital Video Content and Joseph Tovares, senior vice president of Diversity and Innovation on journalism strategy, planning, and major initiatives that cut across radio, television, and digital media.

Before joining CPB in February 2007, Theriault was a co-managing director of Public Media Company (formerly Public Radio Capital) and a senior vice president of Public Radio International where he helped to develop national news programs including “Marketplace” and “The World.” Earlier in his career, Theriault managed public radio stations in Alaska and was a co-founder of the Alaska Public Radio Network.