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Bryant to Leave ABC Radio; Pursues Own Business

Bryant to Leave ABC Radio; Pursues Own Business

Margaret Bryant, director of engineering and technical operations for ABC Radio, is leaving to pursue her pet photography business full-time.
Bryant had been in her current position 12 years and in radio a total of 30 years. She came to ABC after a CE stint at WMAQ in Chicago.
Asked by RW Online what she would miss most about radio, she said,“the people.”
She said the timing is not related to the Citadel purchase of ABC, but rather, the business of the last holiday season for both jobs convinced her it was the right time to make the change.
As for how to attract more women to engineering, she said there are no easy answers, but certainly, good salaries, respect and good benefits factor into the solution.
On HD Radio, she cautions stations to keep the content compelling, and not get distracted by a particular delivery method.
Her last day is Aug. 31 and those who want to keep in touch can reach her at: