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BSI and Broadcast Computers Help Afghanistan

BSI and Broadcast Computers Help Afghanistan

Broadcast Software International and Broadcast Computers have teamed up to supply computer software for the first radio stations to go on the air in Afghanistan since the war on terrorism began.
The initial phase of the project is being undertaken by the UK’s BBC, which selected the Simian digital automation system for Radio Kabul. The BBC looked to BSI distributor Broadcast Computers in the UK, who helped them with a similar project in Kosovo a year ago. International funding will see the project through.
“Simian is their first exposure to computer-based play out and scheduling software,” said Reg Butcher of the BBC. “Access to the Internet for software downloads and updates will be near impossible in Kabul, so the inherent reliability of Simian was a key consideration,” added Broadcast Computers’ Gavin Lawrence.
BSI and Broadcast Computers will provide four additional Simian systems for new BBC World Service programs broadcast to the former Soviet Union.