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BSI Gets Speedier; Touts File Naming Convention

BSI Gets Speedier; Touts File Naming Convention

A new file naming convention is part of the latest product from Broadcast Software International.
Speedy 3.0 is the upgrade to BSI’s professional CD-to-PC ripping software. It also introduces an optional file naming convention that BSI says will be supported by other digital audio providers. It provides a unique file name for each song.
“Currently, song file names vary widely between any two stations or organizations, making it difficult to share music playlists,” said President Ron Burley. He said the convention would eliminate confusion and provide easy exchange of playlists.
“It’s a huge step forward for music programmers and station groups.”
Features of the product include labeling technology that uses the online CDDB service to place descriptive information within audio files; ripping speeds of 20X or better; and RapidRip for speed loading of CDs and semi-automated ripping.