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BSI Intros High-End Automation System

BSI Intros High-End Automation System

Broadcast Software International is known for its radio audio products on the low end of the price scale. Now the company also is competing for larger facility business.
The new BSI Series 300 is a turnkey digital automation, voice-tracking and production system for medium to large facilities.
It is expandable, allowing the user to add unlimited air- or production-studio workstations. Hard-drive automation, satellite interface, multi-studio voice-tracking, 64-track production, backup, and remote access and control are included.
Workstations are built with Dell PowerEdge 2450 components, AudioScience and Antex audio hardware and Microsoft Windows 2000. At $26,999, the Series 300 includes production- and air-studio workstations and features 50 GB of hot-swappable hard drives and dual redundant power supplies.
Series 300 includes BSI’s WaveStation digital automation, WaveCart cart machine replacement, Stinger instant playback software, WebConnect Pro remote access program and Cool Edit Pro 64-track digital editing software.
Users can add accessories such as the CircuitWerkes DR10 dialup switcher, the BSI relay Switcher Kit or Trigger Kit to expand its capabilities for satellite or remote operation.
Paul McLane