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BSI Launches Studio Kits

BSI Launches Studio Kits

“These are complete two-studio automation kits … just missing the PCs.”
BSI President Ron Burley was talking about his company’s new Studio Kits, aimed at giving greater design and cost-saving opportunities to broadcast users.
Studio Kits come in three configurations. The Studio Kit 100 is geared to smaller markets and single stations, and is priced at $4,799. Studio Kit 200 is for mid-sized markets and has a price tag of $6,599.
BSI’s Studio Kit 300 is described as a “world-class package for major markets and enterprise broadcast facilities,” priced at $9,999.
Each kit contains the hardware and software needed to equip a production and air studio. Among the products included are BSI WaveStation automation, Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro editing software and professional audio adapters from AudioScience.
“With our Studio Kits, all you need is a Pentium-class PC and you’re on the air,” Burley said.