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BSW Enhances Offerings With Wheatstone Consoles

RW asked BSW’s Steve Kawasaki about the announcement.

BSW is now a full-line Wheatstone console dealer. The company called it a “strategic alliance” and says it has begun by offering the new Evolution Series Digital Consoles. BSW also carries the Audioarts and Vorsis lines, owned by Wheatstone.

The manufacturer called BSW “the first-ever authorized distributor of our digital audio control surfaces and digital networks.” RW asked BSW’s Steve Kawasaki about the announcement.

RW: What was your previous relationship with Wheatstone, and what changes now?

Kawasaki: BSW has been dealers for Wheatstone’s Audioarts line since … well … it’s been so long that no one here can recall exactly what year we started. We’ve always had great relationship with Wheatstone, and this means we’ll be working even more closely, especially on larger projects.

RW: Why is this notable for BSW?

Kawasaki: With the addition of the Wheatstone line, BSW now offers complete studio solutions for stations of all sizes. This greatly increases the scope of business BSW does with mid and large market stations.

Company InformationBSW

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www.bswusa.comRW: How did the decision come about, who made the decision to add/expand the line?

Kawasaki: This came about almost by happenstance. Apparently, our two companies had been having similar thoughts — but completely independently — for some time. BSW has been keenly interested in acquiring a digital, networkable console line for awhile now.

Unbeknownst to us, Wheatstone had been working on the new Evolution series during this same period. It offers a breakthrough combination of very sophisticated feature set, robust network technology, and competitive price — and it is astonishingly easy to install.

It seemed to dawn on us all simultaneously that joining forces would be great for both companies.

RW: What line(s) does this replace?

Kawasaki: We’ve represented networkable console lines in the past, but none recently. This is new growth for us.

RW: Any special training involved for your people?

Kawasaki: Every one of our sales, marketing and technical staff was required to complete the Wheatstone Evolution Series Training and is now certified by Wheatstone.