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Burk Adds Web Interface

Burk Adds Web Interface

Burk Technology will show a new product at the NAB Radio Show for IP-based remote control.
The Web Interface allows users of GSC3000 and VRC2500 transmitter remote controls to monitor and control remote sites using a Web browser and an Internet connection.
Burk says a key distinction is the ability to install the device at the studio or transmitter site, or wherever an Ethernet connection is available.
“This allows operators to make use of an Internet connection at the studio location when their network does not extend to the transmitter site,” it stated.
Drill-down displays are accessible on the Web, and e-mail alarm notifications may be sent to PCs, pagers, cell phones and other mobile devices. Lynx 4 software can connect to the Web Interface, allowing simultaneous software and Web sessions over the Internet.
The Web Interface integrates with the existing LAN, and the device is SNMP-enabled.