Burk Names Mexican Distributor

Says this elevates its level of factory support in-country
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Remote control and monitoring systems developer Burk Technology has named BD Electronics of Guadalajara, Mexico as its exclusive distributor in that country.

BD Electronics will distribute products from its offices in Guadalajara and Mexico City, saving customers from customs complications, the manufacturer said.

Peter Burk, president, Burk technology said: "We are fortunate to have a well-established network of dealers in Mexico. Those sales channels remain in place. We're really strengthening our position because BD Electronics also handles installation and integration. In effect, our customers in Mexico will have local access to the same level of factory support that we offer in the U.S."


Klotz Digital Names DMT Distributor, China

Klotz Digital Asia appointed Digital Media Technologies as its new exclusive distributor for broadcast products in the Republic of China. It adds that DMT was recently awarded tender to supply three VADIS D.C.II consoles and VADIS routers to Zhejiang TV, and also provided Henan Radio with a VADIS D.C.II solution for one of its broadcast trucks.