Burk Releases Lynx 5.1

Burk Releases Lynx 5.1
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Burk Technology has made available Lynx 5.1 broadcast facility control software. Lynx 5.1 works with the company's GSC3000 and VRC2500 systems in providing PC-based facility management and automatic control for unattended operation.
Features include support for the G-Link G-Bus Expansion series, including the AC-4 and AC-8 remote outlet controllers, GT-4 temperature sensor, OneConnect direct interfaces and GX-128 controller for X10.
Additional highlights include virtual channels, which allow new meter or status indicators based on the composite values of other channels; new tools in the custom view editor so users can do more with custom views, such as integrate text files, execute a Windows command or compare meter values against a user-determined reference value; and SQL server support so Lynx can write data to an SQL server.
Current and prospective users can download a demo of Lynx 5.1 at www.burk.com/lynx. New licenses are available through dealers.