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Burk to Feature Remote Control at NAB

Burk to Feature Remote Control at NAB

Burk Technology will show new remote control and facilities management products at NAB.
The G-Link G-Bus Expansion Series adds G-Link products to a new or existing GSC3000 remote control system, so users can monitor new facility conditions with plug-and-play convenience.
G-Link units on display will include models AC-4 and AC-8 Power Strip Controllers for remote management of 120V inputs such as HVAC appliances, lighting, computers and other devices. Also at the show will be a GT-4 four-input remote temperature monitoring unit and GX-128 for controlling X10 brand automation products.
The company said G-Link emphasizes economies of scale by integrating remote facility monitoring on one platform and using the same software and Web-based interfaces as the GSC3000.
Burk will also promote Custom Views, for flexibility in viewing and managing ARC-16 sites. Users can select individual channels to display on the PC interface, and can draw from different sites to create a drill-down approach to fault resolution, a map-based geographic view for multiple sites, or a customized interface designed for operation-specific work flows or procedures. Also new in AutoPilot 3 is an e-mail alarm notification utility.
And the company said its Lynx 5.1 incorporates a new Virtual Channels feature that allows users to create new remote control channels derived from conditions on one or more existing channels. Virtual channels provide a quick reference to verify conditions at multiple sites, or to check on processes that rely on several pieces of equipment working together, it said.