Burk’s ARC Plus Climbs the Rocky Mountains

ARC Plus remote control systems help Pitkin County
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Wedged high in the Rocky Mountains and with Aspen as the county seat, Pitkin County, Colo. has some of the most beautiful vistas imaginable.

But with lovely mountains comes not-so-lovely broadcast reception. TV and FM radio reception is spotty in some places and due to the sparse population of many valleys and mountainsides, a down or misbehaving translator may not be immediately reported.

To improve performance and reliability Pitkin County has installed three Burk TechnologyARC Plus remote control and monitoring systems at rural translator sites. The ARC Pluses will monitor the transmission equipment along with site HVAC and generators.

Consulting broadcast engineer for Pitkin County Jon Banks told the company, “With the Burk equipment to monitor the site, we’ll know right away [when something is amiss], and can take steps to restore service before the public even notices.”


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Burk Debuts Plus-X AC-8, Demos Web Connectivity for ARC Plus

The Plus-X AC-8 allows remote rebooting of servers and PCs. Broadcasters also can remotely manage HVAC, lighting and other appliances. It connect directly to the Burk ARC Plus remote control via Ethernet, or to any remote control (including the GSC3000 and ARC-16) using general purpose inputs.