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Bush: Fairness Doctrine Would Target the Likes of Limbaugh and Dobson

President Bush spoke to religious broadcasters this week.

When the National Religious Broadcasters organization next invites the U.S. president to speak at its annual convention, we’ll have a different president.

President Bush spoke to religious broadcasters this week and spoke out against efforts to reinstate a Fairness Doctrine.

“This means that many programs wanting to stay on the air would have to meet Washington’s definition of balance. Of course, for some in Washington, the only opinions that require balancing are the ones they don’t like. We know who these advocates of so-called balance really have in their sights: shows hosted by people like Rush Limbaugh or James Dobson, or many of you here today.”

He spent a good deal of his time at the podium speaking about developments in the war and elsewhere abroad. Read the president’s remarks in a transcript provided by the News & Observer newspaper.