Bush Signs Indecency Fines Into Law

Bush Signs Indecency Fines Into Law
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President Bush has signed the measure passed by Congress to raise broadcast indecency fines tenfold, to $325,000.
As the president put it during a bill-signing ceremony, "The Congress got serious."
"By allowing the FCC to levy stiffer and more meaningful fines on broadcasters who violate decency standards, this law will ensure that broadcasters take seriously their duty to keep the public airwaves free of obscene, profane and indecent material," said Bush.
He said, though, that the best way for parents to protect children from indecent programming is to be vigilant and pay attention to what their children are doing.
NAB reiterated its stance that self-regulation is preferable to government regulation and the rules should be applied equally to satellite radio and TV as well as cable.


Increased Indecency Fines Take Effect

President Bush recently signed the Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act, increasing the potential fines for broadcasting indecent material by a factor of 10. The former max - a mere pittance at $32,500 per violation - is history. Now you're looking at a much heftier $325,000 per violation, up to a limit of $3 million per day.