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Beasley Gets Into AI-Generated Video

And its technology provider Waymark dips its toe into the radio market

Waymark’s website includes this image. “The Waymark Wombat and our AI Wombot are symbols of our company’s history and values. We chose the wombat as an homage to our Word of Mouth (W.O.M.) growth mantra in our early days,” It states.

Beasley Media Group has signed on to use an AI-based video platform to support its stations. The tool is used to create video ads for clients in a matter of minutes.

The natural-language video creation platform is offered by Waymark, which calls its agreement with Beasley “a first-of-its-kind generative AI deal for local radio stations.”

“Waymark’s AI-powered video platform enables local businesses to generate high-quality commercials with professional voice-over in five minutes or less,” the technology provider states in its announcement. It said Beasley can use the tool to give its advertising partners “instant and affordable video creative.”

Beasley is using the service so far at stations in Detroit, Las Vegas, Charlotte and a few other markets and plans to expand it; Beasley Vice President of Operations Kevin Rich was quoted saying local advertisers are looking for more effective and cost-efficient ways to stand out and attract customers across multiple media platforms.

CEO Alex Persky-Stern is CEO of Waymark, which was founded in 2017. The company says the agreement with Beasley is its first major step into radio, following national video deals with Spectrum Reach and Gray Television Stations.

“With the rise of connected TV and free ad-supported streaming TV channels, this opens a host of new marketing opportunities for local advertisers.”

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