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FCC Considers FM Allotment in Dennison, Ohio

New FM proposed by Western Radio Group would displace an LPFM

Text has been updated to reflect that the full-service application would displace one, not two LPFMs as earlier reported.

The FCC is considering opening an allotment for a 6 kW nondirectional FM station in the community of Dennison, Ohio.

Its Audio Division has received a petition for rulemaking from Western Radio Group requesting the allotment at 102.3 MHz as the community’s first local service. If the plan goes through it would displace a low-power FM station.

The applicant is owned by Brian Walker, Leonard Dugger and Kevin Willoughby, who are also part of the ownership of an existing AM station and FM translator in Uhrichsville immediately adjacent to Dennison.

They told the commission that Dennison has a population of 2,709. It is in Tuscarawas County, which has about 93,000 people.

“Petitioner contends that Dennison has a mayor, city council, fire and police departments, zoning board and finance, public safety, economic development, human resources committees, high school, middle school, elementary school and hospital,” the commission wrote in its summary.

“There are also several attractions located within Dennison such as a railroad depot museum and water park.” Dennison is about 10 miles to the southeast of New Philadelphia, Ohio, and about a half-hour’s drive south of Canton.

The Audio Division’s engineering staff analysis found that the channel can be allotted to Dennison with a site restriction of 1.7 miles west of the community.

According to the Western Radio Group’s technical exhibit, the proposed new full-power station would displace WDNP(LP) on 102.3 in Dover-New Philadelphia. (Earlier the group also thought the station would displace WNPA(LP) on 102.5 in Canton, but it has now said that’s not the case.)

Now the commission is taking comments on the proposed change to the FM Table of Allotments. Comments in this notice of proposed rulemaking should be filed in the commission’s online system under proceeding MB 22-337. Comments are due by Dec. 8.