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FCC Expands FM Table of Allotments

New spectrum opportunities in 16 communities

Some very tiny communities could be in line to receive new FM radio stations now that the FCC’s Audio Division has reinstated FM allotments that had become vacant due to cancellation of an authorization or license.

The commission periodically issues orders updating the FM table after staff engineering analysis confirms that vacant FM allotments meet the minimum distance separation requirements and city-grade coverage requirements of the FCC’s rules. 

The FCC’s Report and Order released this week shows the availability of 16 channels – a mix of Class A and Class C FMs in mostly rural locations − eligible for new FM service. The list includes Fredonia, Ariz. (pop. 1,322), Bear Lake, Mich. (pop. 337), and Owyhee, Nev. (pop. 912), among others.

FM allotments are removed from the FM Table once a construction permit and/or license are granted, according to the FCC. 

The listing below shows the newly added vacant FM allotments:

The FCC says all new FM commercial allotments are subject to an auction process, and competing applications may be filed. 

“The window period for filing applications for these vacant FM allotments will not be opened at this time. Instead, the issue of opening these allotments for filing will be addressed by the Commission in subsequent order,” according to the most recent order.

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