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FM Antenna Verification Change Takes Effect

Commission had approved the change in May

It’s official now: FM and LPFM directional antenna patterns in the United States can be verified by computer modeling by the antenna’s manufacturer.

The change was approved unanimously in May by the Federal Communications Commission, as we reported, but officially it just took effect on Nov. 10, when the rule change was published in the Federal Register.

After the vote last spring Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel said: “Right now, more than one-fifth of our FM radio stations use directional antennas. These antennas increase the operating power of a station in a specific direction while still respecting the interference ratios that are essential for shared use of these airwaves. This is smart — and spectrally efficient.” But FM rules hadn’t kept pace. Now, she said, FM broadcasters have an option that was already available to AM and TV broadcasters.

Four FM antenna manufacturers had requested the computer modeling option.

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