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Radio by Grace Supports Geotargeting

Cites foreign language and PSA benefits

Logo of Radio by Grace with white letters on a grey backgroundGeoBroadcast Solutions has secured support from another Christian broadcast organization for its controversial geotargeting proposal.

Radio by Grace submitted a letter to the FCC endorsing the GBS proposal to allow FM boosters to originate programming for a limited time each hour.

William Gehm, president of Radio by Grace, said the organization reaches listeners via “dozens of RM radio stations over 70 communities across 20 states” and that this proposal would benefit the communities it serves.

“In particular, many of our Radio by Grace stations, such as those in South Florida and Texas, reach communities where English may not be the primary language spoken by many listeners. With this technology, we could be able to geotarget public service announcements and support requests to those audiences … It could also be a useful tool for churches affiliated with any non-profit religious broadcaster to promote services and other community events directly to the neighborhoods they are already in, providing another link between neighbors and facilitating fellowship.”

He noted that other Christian entities like WAY-FM Media Group and Educational Media Foundation have expressed support for the proposal.

The National Association of Broadcasters has led stiff opposition to the geotargeting proposal. Recently the National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters withdrew its prior support.

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