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Simington Highlights Rule Burden on Smaller Broadcasters

The FCC commissioner recently spoke to the NRB show audience

FCC Commissioner Nathan Simington would like the commission to take “a fresh look” at some of its rules that may be burdensome to small, family-owned broadcast stations.

He made the comment in a virtual “fireside chat” during the National Religious Broadcasters convention, which was held this past week in Nashville.

“Many broadcast rules apply identical burdens to organizations of five full-time staff, and of 500 full-time staff,” Simington said, according to a summary released by his office.

“While a license to broadcast on the airwaves is held in trust for the benefit of the American people — and consequently some standards of operations must be met by every broadcaster — I would support a fresh look at some of the commission rules considered most burdensome to small, family-owned broadcast stations to see if public interest is served by their equal application to every broadcast organization.”

NRB also posted a summary of the session.

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