BW Broadcast Acquires Danagger

London-based manufacturer takes on Rob Robson’s company and product line.
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Danagger Audio Works, maker of the Plan B, a dead air prevention system, has been acquired by London-based BW Broadcast, a manufacturer of processors and transmitters. Terms were not disclosed.

According to BW Broadcast Managing Director Scott Incz, “We’ve always admired the ideas behind the Plan B, and wanted to see those ideas expanded upon and made available to broadcasters again.” Danagger ceased production of the original Plan B this year, blaming the economy and production difficulties.

To that concern, legacy Plan B owners will work with Danagger founder Rob Robson for support through his Web site. BW Broadcast will offer current owners a trade-in on new units, when available.

Robson, who will be involved in the new operations, said: “Being able to develop new products for a progressive company with significant manufacturing expertise is a great opportunity.” He added, “BW’s strength in both processors and transmitters makes them the ideal firm to produce a new air chain protection device.”

Incz confirmed development plans for future Plan Bs, “Development work has begun in earnest and is progressing very well.”

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