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BW Broadcast DSPXmini-FM Is Special

Enhancements include upgraded audio clippers and revamped four-band limiter.

London-based processor manufacturer BW Broadcast has developed a new version of its DSPXmini-FM processor.

The DSPXmini-FM Special Edition offers a new crossover topology, enhanced audio clippers and a revamped four-band limiter.

Also new from BW Broadcast are software upgrades to the DSPXtreme and DSPmpX processors.

For the DSPXtreme, version 1.10 adds improvements in the multiband and main clippers for added loudness and lower distortion. Also announced is that the DSPXtreme will add an upmarket version, FM+HD, which will offer HD processing and diversity delay.

As for the DSPmpX, it sees version 2.00. This upgrade improves the final clippers and adds silence switchover function.