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User Report: Galaxy Communications utilizes the BW Broadcast product range

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — WTKW(FM) is the flagship station for Syracuse University sports. TK99 (TK105 in Oswego) is number one for classic rock, spearheaded in the mornings by Gomez and Dave. TK99 and TK105 are independently owned and operated by Galaxy Communications.

When we were looking for a new processor, I knew we had to compete with the “O” boxes without spending “O” money. I also prefer low distortion ahead of being 1/10 dB louder than the next guy, but still, we must be at least on par loudness-wise.

We used to run some older 8100s that I had done extensive modifications to in order to stretch their competitive lifespan, but as soon as I took a demo of the DSPXtra FM from BW Broadcast, there was no comparison. The improvement was unbelievable.

The installation itself was quick and easy. I started tuning a custom preset on the bench before installation and after a few tweaks was very happy indeed.

We use a DSPXtra FM on WTKW because it gives me the tools to achieve a market-leading sound without giving my CFO heartburn. The DSPXtra FM has proven to be excellent value for money.

The attention to audio quality along with the Ariane leveler gives me the tools to sound big and loud, but not fake. The DSPXtra maintains control and doesn’t easily go “over the top” like other boxes on the market. The beautiful Ariane stereo image allows me to sound louder by filling the sound stage consistently, allowing me to back off the traditional limiting and clipping levels.

The box is the right number of bands, six, for cohesive and smooth sound, big stereo image thanks to the Ariane and plenty of control over parameters — all in a small package.My rack thanks BW for not having to give up 2RU or 3RU, making more space for other products.

Thanks to the DSPXtra FM, our station competes comfortably with the other guys who are running much larger, more expensive boxes.

Galaxy Communications now has a number of BW products including several DSPXtras, the brilliant RBRX1 FM receiver and the ever-reliable TX150 transmitter, which seems to just keep going forever.I have recommended BW to a number of people — admittedly, outside of our market.

For information, contact BW Broadcast at (866) 376-1612 or visit