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Bye, Bye Bubba

Bye, Bye Bubba

Bubba the Love Sponge — he of the on-air pig slaughter and a record FCC indecency fine — got the ax from Clear Channel, according to the Associated Press.
The talk show host was fired from WXTB(FM) in Clearwater, Fla., a month after the station received a record fine for sexually explicit segments.
The station general manager Dan DiLoreto announced the firing of Todd Clem on sister station WFLA(AM), the AP reported..
The FCC proposed a $755,000 fine against Clear Channel last month for graphic segments of the show that aired on four Florida stations during morning drive time. It was the largest fine ever proposed for indecency. Those segments ran 26 times and the commission proposed fining $27,500 for each airing.
Clem was acquitted in 2002 of cruelty charges following the on-air castration and slaughter of a feral pig.