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C3SR Seeks FCC Hearing on Satellite Merger

Group cites blacked-out passages in Sirius filing.

The Consumer Coalition for Competition in Satellite Radio, which describes itself as a group of concerned satellite radio subscribers, wants the Federal Communications Commission to hold a hearing on the proposed merger of Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio before it makes a decision on the deal.

C3SR said in a letter to the agency that information filed by Sirius in April “brings new light” to the proposed merger, which CS3R opposes as an “anticompetitive merger to monopoly” that would harm consumers.

Information provided by Sirius concerning an interoperable receiver contains portions that were “redacted” — blacked out.

Sirius deems the info classified; C3SR contends this is new substantial information and that’s why it urged the FCC to hold a hearing on the deal.