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CAB Keeps Out of CHOI Debate

CAB Keeps Out of CHOI Debate

The Canadian equivalent of the NAB is staying out of the debate over the federal government’s decision to pull an FM license in an indecency debate.
The Canadian Association of Broadcasters issued a statement saying it “will not take a position regarding the decision by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission to deny the application by Genex Communications Inc. for the renewal of the French-language commercial radio station CHOI(FM) Quebec.”
The association’s president said it historically has “refrained from taking a position in order to remain neutral on issues where CAB members have taken opposing views.” He said the positions of CAB members are “diametrically opposed” in this case. He called the circumstances of the case unfortunate.
CHOI(FM) will lose its license when it expires next month, regulators said last week, citing a long pattern of offensive comments by its morning hosts.
It’s only the sixth station to be taken off the air in Canada, according to the Globe and Mail.