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Cable Runway Offers Protection from Crowds

Cable Runway Offers Protection from Crowds

Whirlwind recently introduced Cable Runway, an expandable cable guard designed to conceal and protect cables during live shows. Cable Runway also protects the crowds from the cables, preventing people from tripping over cable runs.
Cable Runway is made from cast polyurethane that can withstand up to 10,500 pounds at 69.8 degrees F (21 degrees C) and 6,500 pounds at 118.4 degrees F (48 degrees C).
Cable Runway is visible with bright yellow and orange coloring (also available in black and orange). Gently ramped sides make it easy to walk or drive over.
Cable Runway is used in sections. Each section measures 36 inches long, 17.5 inches high and 1.95 inches high, and weighs 19 pounds (without cable). Each section contains five separate 1.3-inch by 1.3-inch cable slots under a hinged top panel to hold and direct cable. Interlocking tabs link and lock multiple units together; end caps are available to cover tabs on the end pieces. The Whirlwind Cable Runway system mates interchangeably with Hubbell TredTrak and the Linebacker GP Systems, so it is not necessary to start over again if users want to switch to Cable Runway.
For more information from Whirlwind, contact the company in New York at (716) 663-8820; or visit on the World Wide Web.