California FM Interference Dispute in Holding Pattern

KATY looks for new consulting engineer
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KATY(FM)'s complaint about alleged IBOC interference to its analog signal from KRTH(FM) is in a holding pattern due to the death of KATY consulting engineer Elliott Klein.

The attorney for KATY owner All-Pro, J.J. McVeigh, tells me he's asked the FCC to defer action on the case until a new consulting engineer is hired and the agency has agreed. All-Pro intends to file a reply to the CBS Radio response.

McVeigh said he and Klein had begun collaborating on a reply when the consulting engineer died. He's hoping All Pro can use the extra time to "more fully develop the record."

You'll recall says it is receiving "ongoing and destructive interference" from the IBOC signal of KRTH. CBS disputes the allegations. In the CBS Radio engineering report accompanying the response, SVP of Engineering Glynn Walden stated that field measurements taken in June show that KRTH is operating within permitted parameters and that KATY's engineering studies are flawed.

KATY is licensed to Idyllwild, Calif., KRTH is in Los Angeles.


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