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Call it ‘The 7-11 of Sound’ Instead

'The Shack' branding draws quite a reaction

I got a kick out of several reader comments posted below my story from the last issue, about Radio Shack changing its branding to “The Shack.”

The company said the idea is to “contemporize” the brand. Yet, one poster wrote that cell phones are used on radio frequencies, and are really just portable radio transceivers tied into a phone network. Maybe the change is a ploy to get rid of all their cables, batteries, parts and radios and become a cell phone store only, this person mused.

Another poster wrote: “We always called it Radio Shaft. Sometimes also known around here as the ‘7-11 of Sound.’ Nobody calls it ‘The Shack.'”

I also received comments like: “‘The Shack’ sounds like a hamburger joint.” And still another says most of his friends call the store “Junk Shack.”