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Cam-D, IBOC, Satellite Radio Highlighted at AES

Cam-D, IBOC, Satellite Radio Highlighted at AES

“Over my cold, dead body will I back away from Cam-D.” Leonard Kahn made this statement in a digital radio session at the Audio Engineering Society convention in New York this weekend. Of Ibiquity’s IBOC system eventually being authorized for nighttime operation he said, “It ain’t going to happen.” He claims the Ibiquity system will have audible artifacts at night and interfere with neighboring stations.
But Kahn wasn’t giving away much about how his system works, either. When asked by an attendee where the digital energy is inserted in the signal using Cam-D, Kahn didn’t answer the question directly.
Ibiquity did not have a representative on the panel, but NAB’s David Layer said the NRSC anticipates the FCC would issue a second notice about IBOC in 2004, with more details about how stations may implement the service.
As for satellite radio, XM’s Tony Masiello said the service “is not a niche product.” Traditional broadcasters, such as NAB, have painted the satellite radio services as such, claiming they serve audiences who prefer music that has a narrow appeal.
Masiello says XM has mass appeal, with a highly educated audience ages 25-54.