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Canada Eyes IBOC, DRM

Canada Eyes IBOC, DRM

Canada’s version of the FCC, the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission revised its digital radio policy, opening the door to stations using In-Band, On-Channel digital radio systems, including Ibiquity’s HD Radio system and possibly Digital Radio Mondiale.
The CRTC says that for a variety of reasons, the Eureka-147 rollout is stalled in Canada and that’s why it’s considering other options.
In Public Notice CRTC 2006-160, the commission stated it would be prepared to authorize services using IBOC/HD Radio technology for the AM and/or FM bands, if the Canadian department of Industry authorizes services using the technology under the Radiocommunication Act. Several hurdles would need to be met first, including waiting for the U.S. FCC to issue final authorization for IBOC.
The CRTC is open to the possibility of stations using DRM, but says it needs to test both HD Radio and DRM systems. FM HD-R tests are underway in Toronto now by the CBC, and DRM testing could begin this spring.
Read more in an upcoming issue of Radio World.