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Canadian Broadcasting Vancouver Chooses Jampro

FM antenna project requires directional specificity, rugged design

The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. has selected Sacramento-based Jampro Antennas to supply a high-power FM antenna system to provide directional coverage of the Vancouver, British Columbia DMA.

Broadcasting from a tower atop Mt. Seymour, a Jampro JAHD Arrowhead Dipole panel antenna will provide pattern stability and axial control to avoid interfering with U.S. border stations, a release explained.

“This JAHD system provides the power and specific coverage that CBC requires, but also the sustainability to survive an extremely harsh mountain environment compounded by heavy winter icing of the Pacific Maritime climate,” said Alex M. Perchevitch, president of Jampro.

In addition to the 100 kW panel antenna, the company is also providing a high-power RCCC constant impedance combiner to combine five frequencies, an RCPU patch panel/ power splitter system, Proline rigid transmission line and related RF accessories.

The JAHD is designed for bands I, II (FM) and III and is adaptable for multistation use. The antenna can also be configured to provide various azimuth and elevation patterns. By using optional beam tilt and null fill, the elevation pattern can be shaped to maximize coverage. The circularly polarized antenna may be configured to include levels of vertical polarization, with results ranging from small amounts of elliptical polarization to full circular polarization.

Jampro’s RCCC FM Constant Impedance Combiner family has a compact modular design and enables users to add frequencies. These combiners use temperature-compensated band pass filters, which have an integrated heat sink top to keep filters cool and locked on frequencies, the company says.