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Canadians Hope to Get Lower Cost Digital Receivers to Market

Canadians Hope to Get Lower Cost Digital Receivers to Market

Canadians are trying to move their digital roll out to the next phase. The group formed to oversee the roll out, Digital Radio Roll-Out Inc. has decided to move away from its marketing focus and address remaining policy and regulatory issues to foster more adoption of Eureka-147.
“Our experience with the implementation of DAB in Canada has revealed that the resolution of important policy and regulatory issues must now take precedence in the determination of Canada’s digital radio initiative,” said DRRI President Duff Roman.
DRRI will now be operated under the auspices of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters and structured to provide an ongoing partnership between private radio broadcasters, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the Communications Research Centre Canada.
Roman said cost effective receivers have been adapted for the Canadian marketplace and are expected to ship in the new future.
In terms of expanding the number of digital radio markets in Canada. O.K. Radio Group LTD. has applied for a transitional digital radio license associated with its existing stations CJZN(FM) and CKKQ(FM) in Victoria.
After its initial roll out several years ago, more than 60 stations in Canada are transmitting a digital signal, reaching listeners in the Vancouver, Toronto, Windsor, Montreal, and Ottawa markets. Seven Halifax digital signals are currently being field-tested.