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Capitol Gains Efficiency With Efficio

Radio and TV sales teams, multiple traffic systems, different locations united

Fox50’s Local Sales Director Niel Sollod, right, conducts a one-on-one Efficio meeting with Account Executive Melissa Carney. RALEIGH, N.C. — Capitol Broadcasting Co. is a forward-thinking, technology-driven, locally-owned and operated television and radio broadcaster in North Carolina. CBC is well-respected in the industry as a technology leader, with many firsts and numerous national awards.

When it came to providing CBC’s radio and TV sales teams with technology to manage accounts and maximize client relationships, we determined that Efficio Solutions would be the best fit because they, too, were an industry leader and well-respected for their technology and forward-thinking systems for media sales.

Efficio is a Web-based media sales solution utilizing a centralized dashboard and integrated sales modules. This centralization enables stations to manage advertising clients and all sales processes, from account management, CRM and budgeting to sales activity, yield management and collections.

Each business unit within CBC works collaboratively but independently of other divisions. We wanted a way to share information, but at the same time preserve autonomy. Adding to the complexity was our utilization of different traffic systems in our radio and TV stations, and a Web product that was sold by all the divisions. The goal was to help integrate sales analytics, provide salespeople with relevant data, and provide reporting up the chain for a global view of how we were doing with key accounts as a whole across all business units. I was on the committee to select the vendor for this task.

After doing our research, it became apparent to our team that there were few, if any, products that offered the ability to bring this data together in one centralized location and link our sales teams with reports in one analytics tool. We interviewed several companies and ultimately Capitol Broadcasting decided to hire Efficio solutions. Efficio was tasked with bringing together everything in one database to help leverage our sales data to outperform the competition. With Efficio’s Customer Relationship Management tool, we were able to use an all-in-one solution with our multiple traffic systems across multiple platforms.

Among its many useful features, Efficio’s Corporate Rollup view allows senior management to see data from a top-down view. This saves time for managers, by eliminating the need to pull multiple reports. Efficio helps account executives be more effective, capturing their activities and tracking opportunities which gives them a desktop snapshot of their daily priorities. Via weekly one-on-one meetings, managers are able to provide better support to account executives, by going over their individual sales efforts in a guided fashion using Efficio as a platform for discussion and coaching. In turn, account executives are able to maximize their busy day by having all the pressing information in one place for the manager at all times. In the case of CBC, Efficio worked collaboratively with Colearn, a sales training firm, to integrate the company’s sales methodology so that the sales processes were uniform and recognizable for all users.

As CBC’s needs evolved, Efficio provided software and a service, by making enhancements in the system which were tailored to changing business practices. For example, as opposed to manual importing of revenue data, Efficio was able to provide close-to-real-time auto upload synchronization with our different traffic systems at different stations. This provides more reliable information and serves to reduce wrong data from human error.

By utilizing Efficio across the company, Capitol Broadcasting has been able to find ways to collaborate internally that did not happen routinely before. For this one aspect alone, Efficio has made a profound impact on giving our sales teams a common platform to work together and at the same time maximize the individual potential of our business units, managers and account executives.

For information, contact Chris Crawford, general sales manager, at Efficio Office Solutions at (877) 333-4264 ext. 2 or visit