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CB User Blamed for Interference

CB User Blamed for Interference

A man who used an external RF linear amplifier as part of his Citizen’s Band radio station was fined by the FCC for causing interference to radios, TVs and telephones in his Lancaster, Ohio neighborhood.
The original fine was $5,000. Now, saying it has not received any more complaints, the commission has reduced the fine to $500.
Field agents identified the source of the interference as signals on CB Channel 19, 27.185 MHz. During an inspection, the agents saw a Palomar TX-200B linear amplifier attached to the CB transceiver owned by Frank Klutz. He said he was testing the linear amp for a friend. Measurements taken by the field agents indicated the amplifier had an output power that ranged from 12.5 watts to 75 watts, exceeding legal limits.
In response to the original fine, the commission received a letter from Klutz’ doctor, who stated that Klutz is suffering from dementia, memory problems and depression and has poor reading comprehension, so he was unable to understand that he broke the law.
The commission stated that an evaluation by a second doctor confirmed much of the medical conditions, but did not confirm that Klutz could not comprehend he was breaking the law.
The agency cut the fine, recognizing that it would impose a financial burden on Klutz, and said it would take appropriate action if it receives further complaints.