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CBC Chooses RadioScape For Eureka-147 in Canada

CBC Chooses RadioScape For Eureka-147 in Canada

CBC has chosen RadioScape’s Eureka-147 digital radio technology for the first multiplex in this upgrade rollout in Vancouver. Francois Gauthier, senior engineer for strategy and planning at CBC said, “Being a software-based solution means that it is easy to remotely monitor and control, which is important as I am based in Montreal and the multiplex is in Vancouver on the other side of Canada – a five hour flight away.”
The DAB system from RadioScape consists of a series of software modules, connected by an IP-based architecture that controls and delivers audio and data from the studio together with any external service providers, taking care of encoding and
multiplexing. The software runs on standard industrial PCs.
RadioScape’s Eureka 147 DAB Broadcast Suite includes: the main ensemble multiplexer, broadcast manager, software musicam encoder, data multiplexer, PAD multiplexer, IP gateway, MOT carousel for broadcast Web sites and slide shows, ETI monitor, DAB test and field monitoring receivers, and the new DMB gateway.