CBI Tests Blog Technology, Launches Two

CBI Tests Blog Technology, Launches Two
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A college broadcasters’ organization has completed early testing of blogs.
"Blog," a buzzword amongst the Web savvy, comes from the combination of the words "Web" and "log" and refers to an online journal.
The first College Broadcasters Inc. blog is a general one concerning radio, TV and Internet media. Those interested in contributing are invited to post comments or send a request to participate to CBI Chair Will Robedee at chair@collegebroadcasters.org.
As it enters a second test phase of launching the blog, CBI is exploring RSS feeds, which enable content sharing.
The general blog can be viewed at www.collegebroadcasters.org/currents.shtml.
Further along is an FCC blog, developed by CBI member Michael Black. It looks at daily FCC applications and actions, focusing on those pertinent to student stations. It’s at www.collegebroadcasters.org/fccday.shtml.
CBI says it hopes eventually to use the technology to roll out other enhancements to its Web pages.


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