CBS Offers for the Kinect

Says its Xbox arrangement has helped generate registrants
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The new media folks at CBS have updated their streaming music app to work with a new game interface from Microsoft., the Internet personal music service operation of the CBS Interactive Music Group, will be compatible with Microsoft’s Kinect “controller-free” user interface for the Xbox 360.

About a year ago, as Radio World reported at the time, the music platform became available on that gaming/entertainment system; CBS says it has generated about 2.5 million new registrants since then, with users streaming more than 70 minutes of music per session.

The Kinect lets users access entertainment on Xbox Live and 17 Xbox 360 games without a controller; and the updated app lets them play personalized radio stations that way. So users now should be able to receive and control their content with hand gestures or voice commands. also announced that it will have an app for Windows Phone 7 available on Nov. 8.


Analyst Eyes Deal

Business analysts at J.P. Morgan Securities reacted to the acquisition by saying CBS is paying less than $19 for each of the site’s 15 million unique visitors.