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CBS Will Multicast KROQ in Two Other Markets

CBS Will Multicast KROQ in Two Other Markets

CBS said it will begin broadcasting big rock station KROQ(FM) in Los Angeles on the HD2 channels of two FMs in other markets: KZON in Phoenix and KSCF in San Diego.
It also said it has picked multicast programming for 50 more stations in 16 major markets. “Secondary formats for over 60 CBS Radio stations were announced earlier this year. Stations with HD capability will have completed the launch of their new programming within the next three months,” it stated.
Sixty-nine of CBS’ 179 stations are airing HD signals.
Among its latest planned multicasts are “My HD,” an interactive all-request channel on WQAL(FM) in Cleveland and KMXV(FM) in Kansas City; and “Willie Country Variety” on KMLE(FM) in Houston.