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CCME Adds Nielsen Data to AuDiO

Political advertising targeting tool marries listener, voter data

With the mid-term election political ad buying season ahead, Clear Channel Media + Entertainment says it has a better way for political advertisers to target listeners.

Launched in June, the broadcaster says its Audience Delivery Optimizer or AuDiO now incorporates Nielsen Audio Portable People Meter data to identify key voter segments. AuDiO matches information for approximately 245 million Clear Channel station listeners to political databases to make actionable predictions about which desired voter segments are listening to certain stations at specific times.

It works this way: Nielsen PPM panel measures radio listening for some 75,000 respondents in 48 markets. Nielsen then uses a third party to conduct a blind, direct match of the panelist’s listening data to Clear Channel-selected voter data sources including voter registration. The result, they say, is a combination of listening data linked to anonymized and aggregated key voter characteristics and political views. Now part of AuDiO, Clear Channel’s political advertising tool, the matched data enables the broadcaster to recommend radio stations that deliver specific voter segments based on advertising objectives with better accuracy.

“Political advertisers increasingly demand insights and accuracy at the most granular level, understandably, since a small segment of voters can determine the outcome of an election,” says Clear Channel EVP Political Strategy Nathan Daschle.

Using the 10 most common political segments, AuDiO can determine how many voters radio reaches in any political district around the country. It can then identify the media preferences of any segment, giving advertisers key information about which media are best to reach which voters.

“Matching Nielsen’s data on what people listen to with voter characteristics in a privacy-protected way, provides new and valuable insights about radio’s ability to reach key voter segments and influence their decisions,” said Carol Edwards, Senior Vice President, Media Analytics at Nielsen.

AuDiO works for national, statewide and local elections, and will be available for the upcoming 2014 election cycle.