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CCME to Insert Targeted Ads in iHeartRadio Streams

Clear Channel to use AdsWizz delivery insertion technology

Clear Channel will begin working with AdsWizz to insert targeted ads in the iHeartRadio streams carried by Clear Channel’s broadcast stations.

Up until now, Clear Channel stations have been simulcasting spots from their broadcast signals for their digital streams.

The broadcaster says it will build integrated digital advertising capabilities using the AdsWizz audio ad insertion and ad-serving suite. Clear Channel says its tailored ad experience will be based on individual listeners’ characteristics, including user profiles and preferences, location and devices. Ads will also be targeted to consumers based on those listener’s demographics, psychographics, geo-location and custom data.

The AdsWizz delivery network offers the best technology to expand the iHeartRadio offerings for advertisers, partners and consumers, according to Clear Channel President of Technology & Digital Ventures Brian Lakamp. “Having the ability to serve targeted ads simultaneously to specific digital users during a live radio stream across our 840 Clear Channel stations on iHeartRadio presents a powerful platform for our advertisers and partners.”

AdsWizz CEO Alexis van de Wyer says Clear Channel wants to leverage digital to deliver a good experience for both end-users and marketers.