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CE Sales Held Steady in 2001, says CEA

CE Sales Held Steady in 2001, says CEA

U.S. Consumer Electronics Industry Today, published by the Consumer Electronics Association, showcases the growth of the consumer electronics market, from handheld computers and video games to wireless phones and satellite radio. Total sales of CE products held their ground in 2001, reaching $93.2 billion, roughly 2% behind Y2K’s tally. During the fourth quarter, the electronics industry led the economy with holiday sales that defied some of the bleak forecasts that followed the September terrorist attacks. The strong end-of-year sales laid the foundation for a rebound this year, and CEA is projecting an increase of 3%, to $95.7 in factory sales for 2002.
Some highlights from Digital America 2002 include: Beginning in September 2001, standalone DVD players began to outsell VCRs in weekly and monthly counts. For the year VCRs still outsold DVDs, but this year that will change.
Sales of digital still cameras rose to some 6 million in 2001 and are projected for another 30% increase in 2002. Digital technology also is capturing a growing share of the camcorder market as prices plunge and consumers choose the smaller, lighter digital models that supply better picture quality and the ability to edit on the computer.
Digital distribution continues to fundamentally change the business of music. Even with confusion over content availability and copy protection issues sales of MP3 and players using other digital compression formats surpassed half a million units in 2001 and are expected to grow by more than 30% this year. The digital transition also has been inching its way into our cars over the past several years but in 2001 it really blossomed with the arrival of digital satellite radio. XM was the first on the air, followed in early 2002 by Sirius.
Digital America 2002 offers trends analysis and data on sales volume, the market and consumer satisfaction for video, audio, wireless communications, mobile electronics, home networking and accessories. It’s available online at