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CEA Applauds DOJ and FTC

Workshop oriented to limiting patent trolls

The Consumer Electronics Association applauded a workshop conducted by the Dept. of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission concerning so-called patent trolls.

The CEA said in a release: “CEA commends the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission for organizing a joint workshop to study the impact of patent assertion entities (PAEs) on the U.S. economy. An epidemic of frivolous litigation brought by PAEs or ‘patent trolls’ is acting as an anchor on our still-recovering economy.”

The group added, “Indeed, a recent study found that patent litigation brought by PAEs — who do not create products, but simply bring lawsuits against those who do — cost U.S. software and hardware companies $29 billion in 2011 alone. Every dollar spent fighting litigation is a dollar not spent on research, developing new products or creating jobs.”

The group argued for what it called a “pro-innovation patent system.”