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CEA Honors David Layer

Bestows 2014 Technology & Standards Leadership Award on NAB engineer

David Layer, center, is shown with NRSC colleagues Mike Bergman of CEA and Milford Smith of Greater Media. Photo by Jim Peck.

The Consumer Electronics Association has honored NAB Senior Director Advanced Engineering David Layer.

CEA annually presents its Technology & Standards Leadership Award to an individual for, “their commitment to excellence as evidenced by the extent and consistency of their overall, ongoing participation in CEA’s Technology & Standards program … for significant contributions to CEA’s Technology & Standards program to advance the state-of-the-art in consumer electronics … [and] demonstrated industry leadership through active participation.”

The NRSC celebrated its 35th year with a celebration breakfast at the Radio Show, we reported. Layer was honored as part of that event.

Mike Bergman, CEA Senior Director Technology & Standards, is also CEA’s staff liaison with the NRSC, we reported in February.

In prepared remarks shared with Radio World Bergman said: “This year, the NRSC’s 35th year, it is appropriate that the award go to someone who has contributed so much to this group, to radio and to radio standards. This individual has been with the NRSC for close to 20 years. When you consider the phrases ‘extent and consistency,’ ‘significant contributions’ and ‘demonstrated industry leadership,’ there is certainly no shortage of names. NRSC is home to a host of award-winning engineering talent.”

“But over the past two decades, one individual has contributed many hours to the efforts of the NRSC.” Bergman noted that Layer “has participated in a thousand discussions and more; and he has set a standard of excellence by example and by insistence on quality.”

Layer has been with the NAB since 1995, and is NAB’s staff representative to the NRSC. Bergman cited Layer’s work as key to the smooth operation of the joint NAB-CEA standards- and guideline-setting effort.

Layer was instrumental in the adoption of NRSC-4 RBDS and NRSC-5 IBOC, and for most of the several dozen additional standards and guidelines published by this group, according to Bergman.

In addition to the NRSC, Layer’s contributions may be seen in IEEE Spectrum Magazine, the NAB Engineering Handbook, and at technical conferences and broadcast symposiums in the U.S. and abroad. And in his spare time, he has leadership roles in Association of Federal Communications Consulting Engineers and the IEEE Broadcast Technology Society.