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CEA Launches Vehicle Safety Campaign

Role of consumer electronics technology in automotive safety is emphasized

The Consumer Electronics Association has kicked-off an automotive safety campaign aimed at policy-makers and consumers.

CEA President/CEO Gary Shapiro says “Safety is paramount in a moving vehicle and the consumer electronics industry recognizes that distracted driving is a critical public safety issue.”

CEA’s Innovating Safety campaign focuses on products and applications designed, manufactured and sold by CEA members that encourage safer driving. The campaign features new and existing technological advances, including those that can minimize the time a driver’s eyes are off of the road, provide advance warning about road conditions and lane changes, improve hands-free functionality, and better integrate mobile devices with in-car electronics.

The Innovating Safety program also seeks to demonstrate to consumers and policymakers that the consumer electronics industry is involved in the highway safety issue and engaging its members to lend their expertise. We reported this June that CEA established the Driver Device Interface Working Group to explore ways to reduce distraction caused by the use of mobile and handheld electronics in cars. Last month, the association hosted a pledge drive in conjunction with the It Can Wait campaign’s national Drive 4 Pledges day of action against texting while driving. CEA also supports “common sense” state texting bans.

The Innovating Safety campaign launched this morning.