International CES name will remain unchanged
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Consumer Technology Association

The Consumer Electronics Association has been formally rechristened the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).

President/CEO Gary Shapiro, writing in the trade group’s i3 house organ, acknowledged that the 15-year-old name had outlived its usefulness.

“One common concern is that the name Consumer Electronics Association no longer fits,” he noted. “The word ‘electronics’ is limiting and does not capture all the innovation swirling around wireless, the Internet, automobiles, health and the new economy. The word ‘technology’ better defines what we have become and who we represent.”

Along with the new name comes a new web address: CTA.tech.

Unchanged however, is the name of the industry trade show CES, which is no longer exclusively equated with consumer electronics and retains global brand equity, Shapiro said.

The announcement dovetailed with the trade group’s Innovate! and CES Unveiled events running this week in New York.



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