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CEA Releases Sales & Forecasts Report

CEA Releases Sales & Forecasts Report

According to figures released this week by the Consumer Electronics Association, manufacturer-to-dealer sales of consumer electronics products will total a record $101 billion in 2004, a 5% increase over 2003.
Estimated year-end sales for 2003 total $96.3 billion, marking a modest increase of 2% over 2002. The 2003 estimate for year-end sales exceeds the previous forecast CEA released in July 2003.
The audio category is benefiting from rapid consumer adoption of digital equipment, in spite of facing declines across several products. Home audio sales are projected at $4.45 billion, and aftermarket car audio sales are projected at $1.88 billion.
MP3 players shot past estimates despite continuing debates over home recording rights, CEA said. Factory-to-dealer shipments totaled 3.8 million units during 2003, an increase of 121 percent compared to 2002, and are expected to rise again in 2004 to more than 5.1 million units. Dollar revenues of MP3 players for 2003 jumped to $556 million, and CEA projects the numbers to increase 27 percent in 2004.