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CEA Supports Anti-Piracy Truce

CEA Supports Anti-Piracy Truce

Consumer Electronics Association President/CEO Gary Shapiro welcomed the RIAA’s “apparent opposition to government mandates that would force consumer electronics manufacturers to insert controls into their products which would limit consumers’ home recording and fair use rights.” Although CEA intends to study the agreement further, Shapiro said the association also supports the enforcement of existing copyright infringement laws to prevent piracy.
Shapiro went a step further: “While we also support private negotiations between device manufacturers and content developers, we continue to believe that legislation is required to strike the necessary balance between protecting copyrights and consumers’ fair use rights. To that end, we join numerous technology companies and consumer rights advocates in strongly supporting the Digital Media Consumers’ Rights Act, introduced last week by Representatives Rick Boucher, D-Va. and John Doolittle, R-Calif.”