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CEO Says Listeners Love Curation of Beats Music

Streaming music service launches iPad app

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How is streaming service Beats Music doing now that it’s been in the marketplace three months?

The conversion rate from free trial to paid subscriber “has surpassed our projections by 40%, and 33% of our overall subscriptions have come from AT&T,” according to Beats Music CEO Ian Rogers.

Beats Music launched 101 days ago on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone mobile platforms, plus Web browsers and Chevy and Sonos cars. It has a partnership with AT&T.

The service launched an iPad app yesterday.

According to the company, listeners love the curation. Curated playlists have generated 690 years’ worth of listening hours, Rogers said. More than 60% of listeners use the service multiple times a day.

Users tell Beats it’s delivering “the right song at the right time” and 70% of listeners streamed a song for the first time because of one its Beats curated features.

“We’re just getting started but already one thing is becoming clear — numbers don’t lie: a curated, personalized music service that drives discovery and connects listeners directly to artists is worth paying for,” says Rogers on his blog.