Cervon: A Lifetime in Broadcast Equipment

‘The FCC would issue new construction permits every Tuesday. We would walk over and get the list of permits and immediately call our salesmen to give them a list of permits they could use to contact the new station owners.’
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Radio World’s Michael LeClair interviewed Larry Cervon in an article that appeared in the April 16, 2008 issue of Radio World Engineering Extra.

Among many other topics, Cervon reflected on his work with Hans Bott in development of FM transmitters, the involvement of Geoff Mendenhall at BE, the expansion of the company into AM and the development of the AudioVault automation system.

That retrospective of his career is here.


Opinion: A New Definition of a Successful Broadcaster

Financial success is a limited measure of accomplishment, yet if you read some of the trade publications of broadcasting, you'd think it was the only standard by which effectiveness was measured. This "bean counter" mentality has the excitement of the widget industry.